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In your sacred time of labor, when everything else is stripped away, what is the one tool that will see you through, no matter where or how you give birth? Your breath. Your greatest power, mightiest weapon, and most effective tool is learning to utilize the oxygen within your lungs. If you took nothing else with you, made no other preparation, or put all of your focus into one thing and one thing alone—it ought to be deep, diaphragmatic breathing. 


This pranayama collection explores seven powerful breathing techniques for improving your overall health, pelvic floor function, core strength, personal empowerment, and birth outcomes during the childbearing year and beyond. Complete with informative introductions and guided practice, this collection is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or a loved one in preparation for a gentle, peaceful birth.


16 Tracks / Total running time 57:37

Bhava Birth Pranayama Practices

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