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Advanced Mindfulness Doula Training

Mind-Body tools for birth workers

You're a seasoned doula with years of experience—

you're beginning to wonder if this work is sustainable. 

You're a new doula just starting out—

you're bombarded with doubt, fear, lack of confidence, and overwhelm.

Have you wished for more tools in supporting yourself and your clients

to feel more grounded, connected, and at peace?

You've found your way here for a reason!

How does mindfulness benefit my clients prenatally?


Mindfulness is a mindset and process of self-awareness that can improve birth outcomes and significantly increase maternal satisfaction.


Many people tend to prepare for birth in an "outcomes-based" way and define their birth experiences solely by met or unmet expectations (My birth was a successful VBAC, I had an unmedicated water birth, I ended up with a c-section, I had a failed hypnobirth, etc.) You can help your clients work toward outcomes-based preferences while also helping them release rigid expectations that lead to feelings of failure, judgment, shame, self-blame, victimization, and trauma. All birthing individuals can experience birth as a rite of passage regardless of outcomes.

How does mindfulness benefit my clients during labor?


Mindfulness is also an extremely effective coping tool that helps us release labels and beliefs like "too painful" "too hard" or "I can't do this" and instead open to and welcome feelings and sensations in the body. 

With practice, mindfulness and meditation can increase our capacity to cope and/or diminish the sensations of discomfort and pain. 

More than anything, these tools can give your clients the ability to pivot with unexpected changes and develop resilience in the face of challenges.


How does mindfulness benefit my clients postpartum?


In the postpartum sphere, mindfulness & yoga provide an entirely new vocabulary when engaging with depression, anxiety, emotions, and overwhelm. Rather than being victimized by the unraveling of identity that can occur postpartum, these mind-body tools give purpose to the process allowing us to see the big picture reality of healing and personal evolution.


You can provide your clients with hope, compassion, practical support, and life-changing perspectives on what it means to "rebirth" postpartum.


How do these mind-body tools benefit me the doula?


These tools create sustainability so that you don't experience "caregiver fatigue" and burnout too soon. These are self-care practices for processing difficult births, secondhand trauma, triggers in the birth space, and general fatigue or overwhelm. This training is about better mindset, managing expectations, imposter syndrome, and so much more.


Too many doulas burn out in the first year of practice. Knowledge is not enough. Bhava Birth wants to empower you with physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual tools for starting and sustaining a service-led business of passion.


  • Deep self-care and radical self-acceptance for a more sustainable doula practice

  • Understanding mindset, emotional processing, and mind-body connection

  • The 3 Gates of Mindfulness: Body, Breath & Brain (mind)

  • Mindfulness scripts and tips for prenatal, labor, and postpartum support

  • Gentle movements that invite release and self-awareness

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2023 Trainings



Check back in 2024!


Stephanie’s Bhava Birth Advanced Mindfulness Doula Training is one of the best investments I have put not only into doula work, but into myself. I feel like I have made more progress on my internal healing journey in one day with this beautiful approach than I could have ever foreseen, and it was with relative ease. I feel seen and feel so much peace moving forward as a doula a mother. I full-heartedly recommend this training to anyone who wants more magic, intention, and connection in both their personal and professional lives.

Jenessa Berg / Doula + Dance Teacher

I would definitely recommend this course to other doulas! Not only did I come away with so many tools and ideas of ways to help my clients be better connected with their emotions and their bodies throughout pregnancy and labor, I walked away emotionally healed and validated. And isn’t that a big part of this work? As we learn and find out ways to do better, we heal parts of ourselves and are then able to help others do the same. You (Stephanie) created a safe place for all of us to explore that and be vulnerable and it has helped me become a better person and doula. There were so many skills that we practiced, such as breathing techniques, and also studied information that could help clients understand themselves better. i am so grateful for the packet with information that I can review over and over again. 

Kendall Newbold / Doula

The mindfulness training with Stephanie was so inspiring and transformational! I love how everything we learned about can help me serve my clients better, but also help me so much as a doula and a person in normal life! I enjoyed the way everything was experiential—it wasn’t just learning about mindfulness, but a deep dive, which helped me process my emotions and become more aligned with myself and my values. It felt like such a safe space and there were so many moments of connection. Stephanie is so skillful and has such a gift of nurturing and leading! I feel so much more prepared to teach the mindfulness skills and practice deep self-care for my own wellness.

Mindy Lathen / Doula

I cannot recommend the Bhava Birth Mindfulness Training enough! Stephanie does a phenomenal job creating a safe and nurturing space that encourages participants to experience mindfulness on a deep level. I loved that we didn’t only talk about mindfulness principles, we got to practice and personally apply many of them together. This training gave me an opportunity to deepen my mindfulness practice and learn more tools to benefit my doula clients, as well as my every day life. Stephanie truly leads by example in a warm, gentle, compassionate, and inspiring way. She doesn’t just teach mindfulness principles - she lives them, and you can feel it! I also really appreciate that it is much more than a one-day event as you become a part of the Bhava Birth mindfulness community and get to continue exploring mindfulness together. I have been to several Mindful Monday gatherings and always come away filled with much-needed insight, clarity, and connection. I am so grateful for this inspiring training and community Stephanie has created! 

Eliza Payne / Doula

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