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Stephanie Sorensen, CYT CD CBE


Hello! I'm so glad you're here. If you found your way to my page, it's probably for a reason. I want to support you in whatever way I can. I help clients prevent and overcome trauma and achieve transformational personal growth in their childbirth experiences through education, emotional processing, and personalized support.


Stephanie is passionate about her work as certified yoga teacher, doula, childbirth educator, and personal mentor. Stephanie is the founder of Bhava Birth, a yoga and meditation-based childbirth education course. She believes that birth is a spiritual right of passage and a profound opportunity for personal growth. Her speciality is merging Eastern wisdom with Western research in an effective multidisciplinary approach. Above all else in the birth experience, Stephanie values sovereignty, consent, and whole-body attunement.


Stephanie loves to travel, write, spend time in nature, have deep one-on-one conversations, and avoid crowded places. Her happy place involves wool socks, a hot beverage, a cozy sweater, and something to write on. Her introverted nature brings a sense of calm and depth with her wherever she goes. Stephanie is married to Nicolas, an intuitive deep tissue massage therapist, personal development coach, and Tai Chi instructor. Together they're raising four awesome children in beautiful Provo, Utah.



Yoga Alliance 200-Hour CYT, with Syl Carson @ Bodhi Yoga

Yoga Alliance 500-Hour CYT, with Syl Carson @ Bodhi Yoga (current) including:

     - Restorative Partner Yoga 

     - Advanced Chakra Therapy 

     - Soul Weather Astrology (Natal Chart Reading)

     - QuanTM Yoga Nidra 

Certified Doula, with Sariah Price @ Raise the Bar Doulas 

Belly Binding & Closing of the Bones Ceremony Keeper, with Sariah Price @ Raise the Bar Doulas

Kintsugi Birth Story Listening, with Pam England @ Birth Story Medicine


Crisis Response for Birth Workers, @ Project LETS + BADT


Gender Affirming Birth Work, with Moss Froom

Bereavement Doula Workshop, with Lindsay Dougal @ Rewilding Birth

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course @ Davis Behavioral Health

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