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Bhava Birth Mindfulness Doula

Gain the skills you need for mindfulness-based birth doula support!

What are the foundational values of Bhava Birth?

  • Mindfulness

  • Bodily Autonomy + Consent

  • Informed Decision-Making

  • Collaborative Care

  • Client Provider Alignment

  • Holistic Preparation

  • Preparing the Whole Family Unit

  • Birth is a Journey 

  • Advocacy

What is Mindfulness, and what place does it have in birth work?

Mindfulness is a mindset and process of self-awareness that can improve birth outcomes, increase maternal satisfaction, invite clarity and healing, and foster empowerment for your future clients. As you step into your doula practice, you will find that many clients prepare for birth in an "outcomes-based" way and define their birth experiences solely by those met ("My birth was a successful VBAC!" "I had an unmedicated water birth.") or unmet expectations ("I ended up with a c-section." "I had a failed hypnobirth.") You can help your clients work toward outcomes-based preferences while also helping them release rigid expectations that lead to feelings of failure, judgment, shame, self-blame, victimization, and trauma. This way of preparing for birth is both compassionate and transformative, allowing all birthing individuals to experience birth as a rite of passage regardless of outcomes. Mindfulness—which yokes mind, body, emotions, and breath—is the single most powerful tool you can share with your clients to improve birth outcomes and personal empowerment.

But here's the other huge benefit: mindfulness benefits YOU and makes doula work more sustainable long-term! By training with Bhava Birth you are setting yourself up for success by learning self-care practices, better mindset, managing expectations, processing secondhand trauma, and so much more. Too many doulas burn out in the first year of practice. You deserve a well-rounded training that will prepare you for the full experience of birth work. Knowledge is not enough. Bhava Birth wants to empower you with physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual tools for starting and sustaining a service-led business of passion.


What does the training cover?

  • What is a Doula?

    • Foundational Values

    • Scope of Practice

  • Holistic Preparation 

    • Mental​: history of birth in America, two models of care

    • Physical: anatomy, nutrition, movement, Stages of Birth, hormones

    • Emotional: emotions in the birth space, processing techniques, birth trauma

    • Spiritual: birth as a rite of passage, Blessing Circles, rituals, altars, mythology

  • Preparing the Whole Family Unit

    • How to effectively involve partners, children (and even pets)

  • Cultivating Mindfulness 

    • self-care practices

    • scripts for prenatal, labor, and postpartum scenarios

  • Birth Doula Work, from start to finish

    • Prenatal visits, Labor support, Postpartum visits​

    • Advocacy

    • Structuring packages + pricing

    • Tools of the trade

  • Hands on comfort measures and Labor simulations​

    • Rebozo techniques for Comfort and Connection, grounded in cultural heritage

    • Laminated labor positions and support cards

  • Business Strategies

    • The self-employment​ path

    • Marketing

    • Networking

    • Finding your niche and showing up authentically

  • Starter Branding Kit (additional upgrade)

    • Logo design

    • Website creation

    • Business card design 

  • Dual enrollment into the Advanced Mindfulness Doula Training (additional upgrade)​

    • We can't cover everything in three days, so come back for another full day of mindfulness immersion​ to deepen your practice and gain even more actionable tools for your tool kit. By bundling, you save over $275 on tuition costs!

What sets the Bhava Birth Mindfulness Doula Training apart from other trainings out there?

Before Stephanie launched this doula training she interviewed handfuls of doulas, both new and old, in the field to find out what they loved most about their training and where they felt it was lacking. Based on that information she found that the following areas are sorely neglected and Bhava Birth now emphasizes:

  • Business Logistics

    • Logo, website, and business card design

    • Marketing and networking strategies

    • Structuring packages

    • How to host and what content to cover in prenatal and postpartum visits

  • Business Psychology

    • Building confidence as an entrepreneur​

    • How to put yourself out there authentically

    • Holding boundaries and practicing self-care

    • Business as a powerful self-development path

  • Advocacy​

    • In hospital and out-of-hospital birth settings​

    • For unique client needs: LGBTQIA+, VBAC, PAL, post trauma, and more

  • Continuous mentoring​

    • Many of the larger doula training agencies are not able to provide mentoring or further education beyond the training. Stephanie is passionate about not only training her doulas but helping them succeed in the field! Not only do you get three days of hands-on training, you also get to come back (in person or online) for unlimited monthly meetups. Bring your questions, concerns, frustrations, and successes ​and let us hive mind solutions. 


What is the cost, and what's included?

  • Option 1: Foundational Training $850​

    • Three full days of connection, nourishment, and mindfulness (lunches and snacks provided)

    • Continuing monthly meet-ups for more depth, support, and information

    • 200+ page Manual

    • Laminated Labor Support Guides

    • Doula Portal for accessing printable PDFs, forms, and other educational resources

    • Online community support: Bhava Birth Mindfulness Doula FB group

    • Your name will be added to our directory of Bhava Birth Mindfulness doulas which will increase your exposure and online presence!

  • Option 2: Foundational + Starter Branding Kit $1,250

    • Everything above plus logo, website, and business card design by Soulseed Academy

  • Option 3: Foundational + Starter Branding Kit + Advanced Training $1,500​

    • Everything above plus dual enrollment in the Advanced Doula Mindfulness Training (save $275!)

Once you have attended the full event, you will be qualified to advertise yourself as a Trained Bhava Birth Mindfulness Doula. Should you choose, you can continue to fulfill the course requirements for certification and/or affiliation path. Payment plans can be set up upon special request.

Are you ready to start changing lives?

Welcome to Bhava Birth.

2023 Training


March 23-25th, 2023

Orem, Utah

$850-1,500 (choose your path)

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