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I'm so glad you're here.

You're preparing for your baby's birth.

You're in the midst of your own rebirth.

You're growing, expanding, and healing.

You're ready to step into your power.

I see you.

Birth isn't a pass or fail.

Birth isn't defined by outcomes or methods.

Birth is bigger than the venue or providers.

Every birth story matters.


Do come in.

Let's embark on this journey together


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Birth Mystics_edited.jpg

Engaging Podcast


Connective Retreats

Pull up a chair.

Allow me to share the Bhava Birth story


In 2013, I was pregnant with my third baby sitting in a yoga teacher training, when everything changed—the way I lived, and certainly the way I gave birth. I was rebodying. And that radically changed the way I gave birth. 


Birth was a catalyst in my life. It helped me heal and brought me home into my body and personal power. I see birth as a microcosm of life, in all of its beautiful messiness. Yes, I love birth, but I'm equally passionate about rebirth—supporting, sustaining, and nurturing a new generation of women who are awake, alert, and passionate about fulfilling their dreams. Birth can be an awakening if you want it to be. I can't wait to be your guide.

 - Stephanie

You' are not alone.

Hear about someone, like you, who's walked this path

A past client was pregnant with her third baby. She was feeling pretty good about things until about week 30. That was when she started having flashbacks to her last delivery—all of her past birth trauma had surfaced. She wanted so desperately to have a better experience this time, but she was starting to feel doomed to repeat history. She wasn't interested in learning any more methods—she just wanted to feel capable and believe in herself again. 

Working with Bhava Birth, she learned simple ways to process her birth trauma, to shift her mindset away from rigid birth labels, and how to focus on positive emotional outcomes no matter how her birth story played out. She went on to have a beautiful birth experience in which she felt supported, seen, and heard. There were a few surprises along the way, but amazingly, she didn't feel traumatized by any of it. She realized for herself that empowerment in birth wasn't about having everything be "perfect," but rather about having a voice, showing up, and feeling supported. She couldn't believe how alive and awake she felt after giving birth, or that she could feel so happy about a birth that others might label "less than ideal." 


Your birth road map.

Three steps to take toward your life-changing birth

Birth Retreats

The ideal place to begin. We cover all the childbirth basics PLUS all the things you didn't know you didn't know

Private Sessions

Personalize your birth preparation with mentoring, therapeutic yoga, ceremonies, and more.

Doula Services

You deserve compassionate support and a personal advocate during labor when you need it most.

 This is the path.

The journey of birth holds transformative power

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Prepare to be Unprepared


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Enter the Unknown


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Become Something More


The Bhava Birth Approach

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