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Why Bhava Birth?

BECAUSE... value research and evidence based practices. believe that birth doesn't have to be painful, scary, or traumatic.'ve tried other courses or methods and didn't find exactly what you were looking for. want to prepare for birth not just mentally, but emotionally, physically, and spiritually, too. are well-acquainted with grief and want more coping tools before, during, and after birth.'re not interested in learning a rigid method, but want to tap in to your own power & intuition.

because how you FEEL about your birth matters as much as the OUTCOMES

This course is for lovers of Eastern wisdom & Western research, who see the world through a holistic lens,

who consider birth to be a spiritually enriching experience, and want more tools to successfully navigate

their entire childbirth process.

What does "bhava" mean?

Formerly known as Bodhi Birth, this course takes its name from the Sanskrit word BHAVA

which means "becoming," and if spelled BHAVAH can also mean "to give birth." 

Buddhists define it as the growth we experience within the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

birth is a metamorphosis

Like a caterpillar in its chrysalis that emerges a butterfly,

childbirth is an opportunity to discover your wings, to heal your life, and to experience your own rebirth. 

How you approach your childbirth experience will serve as a template for the rest of your life.

When you discover your voice in the labor room, you have it forever.

birthing is becoming

Tell me more about this course...

Bhava Birth combines the best of modern research and ancient wisdom. 

It prepares you for childbirth through yoga, breath, meditation, education, & emotional processing. 

Bhava Birth families gain invaluable, practical resources and tools that can be used in labor and life!

Ultimately, there is no one right way to give birth.

Learning only one rigid method can be limiting and create potential trauma.

Being tuned in to your intuition is the BEST tool for an empowered birth.

Essentially, the method is YOU! 


This course is the culmination of over a decade of research, life experience, and training,

created by Stephanie Sorensen, CD, CBE, CYT, to "fill in the gap" in modern childbirth education.

It represents thousands of hours of dedicated study and practice in childbirth, meditation, and yoga. 

Bhava Birth combines and adapts all the best known methods of childbirth preparation, 

including Lamaze, Bradley, and Hypnobabies, 

(which were derived from yogic concepts of pranayama and meditation)

bringing it up to date and creating a more comprehensive, eclectic, & holistic approach. 


It is influenced by:

Syl Carson / Bodhi Yoga

Bruce Newman / Calm Birth

Pam England / Birthing From Within 

Gurmukh / Khalsa Way

Rebecca Dekker / Evidence Based Birth

& Frederick Leboyer's works 

The Bhava Birth course will lift, educate, and empower you for birth and parenthood.

Whatever ends up being your birth experience,

it's the perfect opportunity for becoming the very best version of YOU.

Claim this rite of passage for yourself.

Experience your very own Bhava Birth



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