How to give birth:

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Prepare to be Unprepared


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Enter the Unknown


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Become Something More


Parent Classes

The JOURNEY matters as much as the DESTINATION

Bhava Birth knows that beautiful, sacred, and empowered birth happens in every setting with every kind of intervention. Whether you're choosing a home birth, an unmedicated hospital birth, an epidural supported birth, or planning for a medically necessary cesarean, we celebrate your journey! This course does not teach rigid methods or fixate on specific outcomes, but instead focuses on preparing birthers for a transformational journey. We foster mindsets conducive for empowerment. You can't simply plan and execute birth, but you can prepare for an epic journey into the unknown!


Advanced Doula Trainings

bringing mindfulness to your doula practice

Expand your tool box with practices centered in breath, movement and voice. Learn practical techniques for mind + body connection and emotional processing. Come join a growing community of mindfulness doulas and choose your own affiliation level with Bhava Birth.


Private Sessions

heart-centered & uplifting services 

Personal one-on-one sessions, both in-person and online, tailored specifically to you. Discover new insight, release past birth trauma, or gain support for your postpartum transition. All of the sessions are beautifully complementary to western mental health and medical services.


Doula Services

mindful doulas for EVERY KIND OF BIRTH

You deserve inclusive and supportive care during your most personal and intimate of transitions. Our packages are adaptable to best meet your personal preferences and financial needs. Experience the many benefits from collaborative care between two mindfulness trained doulas.