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for the childbearing year & Beyond

Childbirth Education


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Private Sessions

Doula Services

Childbirth Education

a yoga & meditation-based approach designed for the WHOLE birther

- Engaging & transformational WEEKEND RETREATS for expectant couples

- Comprehensive 350+ page manual and 4-CD collection: GUIDED MEDITATIONS & PRANAYAMA

- Online curriculum: 7 BIRTH PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEWS and 4 trimester specific YOGA CLASSES

- Membership to online COMMUNITY: Bhava Birth Circle 

- An approach that prepares birthers MIND, BODY, & SOUL

- A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY course, incorporating eastern traditions and western evidence-based research

- Participants create their very own MEDITATION MANDALA for labor

- Refreshing & life-altering perspectives on KUNDALINI and perinatal mood disorders

Prenatal Yoga Resources

yoga-based tools for successfully navigating the childbearing year

- Printable PDF LABOR CARDS with positions for birthers and labor support ideas for partners

- Downloadable Mp3 tracks: GUIDED MEDITATIONS & PRANAYAMA

- Streaming trimester specific YOGA CLASSES: restorative, vinyasa, kundalini, and postpartum recovery

- Ayurvedic Marma Point reference PDF for the childbearing year

Private Sessions

heart-centered services with a fusion of EAST and WEST 

- Personal ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING, both in-person and online, tailored specifically to you

- Blissful and restorative THAI PARTNER YOGA, adaptable to all trimesters

- Closing of the Bones POSTPARTUM CEREMONY for honoring spiritual and emotional transitions

- Three different global traditions of postpartum BELLY BINDING

- Sessions are beautifully complementary to western mental health and medical services

Doula Services

mindful doulas that can hold A LOT of space for EVERY KIND OF BIRTH

- INCLUSIVE and SUPPORTIVE care during your most personal and intimate of transitions

- ADAPTABLE PACKAGES to best meet your personal preferences and financial needs

- Benefit from collaborative care between TWO MINDFULNESS TRAINED DOULAS

- Packages OVERFLOWING with private sessions, resources, education, and tools

- Both LABOR & POSTPARTUM DOULA SERVICES available, in-person and virtually