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Meditation is an ancient practice that provides modern benefits, allowing birthers to sidestep the domino effect of unwanted interventions. Even more, a meditation practice develops self-mastery by helping you take ownership of your mind and body. The more experienced you become with meditation, the less you have to outsource to anyone else in order to cope—and thrive—during childbirth.


Meditation is powerful complementary medicine for birthers experiencing anesthesia, cesarean, or other medical interventions. Meditation is equally powerful when used as medicine, for birthers preparing for a low-intervention and unmedicated birth. It doesn’t guarantee birth outcomes, but it does shape and guide your response to those outcomes. These 12 guided meditations cover five main areas: Deep Relaxation, Anxiety/Fear/Pain, Bonding with Baby, Yoking, and Mother Power. These practices will bring about a deeper sense of connection with yourself, your baby, and your Higher Source. It will foster an ability to trust the process, go with the flow of childbirth, and experience deep relaxation in both mind and body.


20 Tracks / Total running time: 2 hrs 55 mins

Bhava Birth Guided Meditations

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