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Why hire a doula?

  • You deserve continuous support—informational, emotional, physical and spiritual—during your childbearing year

  • You deserve an advocate who will remind you of your birth preferences and ensure your rights are upheld

  • You deserve to be seen, respected, and celebrated in your unique birthing situation

  • You deserve clear communication with your staff to help you make informed choices.

  • You deserve continuous reassurance, perspective, suggestions for labor progress, help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques that nurses, OB's, and doctors simply don't have the capacity to provide

  • You deserve to be heard, validated, and applauded in your most vulnerable and intimate moments

  • You deserve nourishment, healing, therapeutic touch, and validation in your postpartum journey


Every woman and birther deserves an advocate at their side.

What sets me apart?

  • I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher that invites mind + body connection into all aspects of birth preparation

  • I understand mindset, breath, movement, and emotional readiness for improving birth satisfaction and outcomes

  • I consider sovereignty and bodily autonomy to be of paramount importance and help my clients find providers that feel the same

  • I am an inclusive and trauma-aware doula with an array of tools for navigating childbirth to meet you where you're at

  • I am committed to helping you find meaning in the journey no matter what ends up being the destination

  • I am a personal mentor who specializes in overcoming and preventing trauma, finding your voice, and claiming your power

  • I am the creator of the Bhava Birth course, a holistic and non-judgmental path for birth preparation that celebrates birth as a rite of passage

I understand the role of emotions and mindset in the birth and postpartum space.

Who is my ideal client?

I love working with birthers and families who:

  • are highly motivated and want to be actively engaged in the birth process

  • have strong preferences yet soft expectations for their birthing experience

  • are actively seeking educational opportunities in their birth preparation

  • value collaborative/multidisciplinary care between medical and holistic practices

  • are utilizing midwifery care or—if high-risk—are working with a mindfully chosen OB or Doctor

  • are in the first and second trimesters, as this gives us ample time to connect, schedule appointments, gain clarity, and build effective support plans.

If you feel like a good candidate, I warmly invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Spots are limited.


I will be your witness and support every step of the way. 

Birth Package


Postpartum Package


  • 2-day Bhava Birth couples retreat ($450 value!)

  • 1 Prenatal Visit with you and your partner, in your home, to create your birth + postpartum preferences, review comfort measure techniques, and help you feel ready for birth

  • 1 Thai Yoga Session

  • 1 other Specialty Session of your choice (see options below)

  • On call beginning 2 weeks before your estimated due date

  • Direct access (via text) for questions, processing, emotional support, and encouragement

  • In-person labor support throughout duration of labor, and immediately (1-2 hours) after birth to assist with initial breastfeeding and postpartum transition

  • 1 Postpartum Visit in your home to process the birth, provide support, and offer resources

  • Birth Timeline and Labor Notes


Plus, access to:

  • Lending library of books related to pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, yoga, etc.

  • Bhava Birth private Facebook Group 

  • Mindful Monday every 1st Monday of the month (in person in Orem or Zoom)

  • Positive Birth Circle every 2nd Monday of the month (in-person in Orem)

  • Direct access (through group text) upon contract signing for questions, processing, emotional support, and encouragement 

  • 1 Prenatal Visit to curate your 6 week postpartum healing path

  • 1 Specialty Session of your choice (see options below) per week for 6 weeks (which we will map out together at your prenatal visit)

  • Your choice of 8 nourishing Mom Meals prepared by Bella Luz Doula

  • A Postpartum Recovery Basket with handmade body care products by Maiden to Mother


Plus, access to:

  • Lending library of books related to pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, yoga, etc.

  • Bhava Birth private Facebook Group 

  • Mindful Monday every 1st Monday of the month (in person in Orem or Zoom)

Financial restraints? Talk to Stephanie about customizing a package, setting up a payment plan,

and in certain situations accepting trade or barter. 

Return client or single parent? Take 10% off no questions asked.

Birth + Postpartum Package


Save $225

You deserve support for the entire birth year—caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly—and true continuity of care. Not only do you save financially by bundling, you are also prioritizing your emotional well-being on every step of your journey. Allow me to be your friend and ally through prenatal education, therapeutic body work, mindset coaching, emotional processing, birth support, and postpartum recovery. This is the greatest gift you could give yourself for an empowering, supportive, and healing transition into parenthood and it would be my honor to work with you.

This package includes all of the above listed items from the Birth and Postpartum packages combined.

Specialty Sessions:

Choose your specialty sessions:

  • Personal Mentoring (2 60-minute sessions) 

  • Thai Yoga (1 90-minute session) 

  • QuanTM Yoga Nidra (1 90-minute session) 

  • Belly Binding (1 90-minute session) postpartum only

  • Natal Chart Reading for your baby (1 90-minute session) postpartum only

  • Blessing Circle or Closing Ceremony (3 hour event) 

       Learn more here

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