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Why hire a doula?

  • You deserve continuous support—informational, emotional, physical and spiritual—during your childbearing year

  • You deserve an advocate who will remind you of your birth preferences and ensure your rights are upheld

  • You deserve to be seen, respected, and celebrated in your unique birthing situation

  • You deserve clear communication with your staff to help you make informed choices.

  • You deserve continuous reassurance, perspective, suggestions for labor progress, help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques that nurses, OB's, and doctors simply don't have the capacity to provide

  • You deserve to be heard, validated, and applauded in your most vulnerable and intimate moments


Every woman and birther deserves an advocate at their side.

What sets me apart?

  • I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher that invites mind + body connection into all aspects of birth preparation

  • I understand mindset, breath, movement, and emotional readiness for improving birth satisfaction and outcomes

  • I consider sovereignty and bodily autonomy to be of paramount importance and help my clients find providers that feel the same

  • I am an inclusive and trauma-aware doula with an array of tools for navigating childbirth to meet you where you're at

  • I am committed to helping you find meaning in the journey no matter what ends up being the destination

  • I am a personal mentor who specializes in overcoming and preventing trauma, finding your voice, and claiming your power

  • I am the creator of the Bhava Birth course, a holistic and non-judgmental path for birth preparation that celebrates birth as a rite of passage

I understand the role of emotions and mindset in the birth and postpartum space.

Who is my ideal client?

I love working with birthers and families who:

  • are highly motivated and want to be actively engaged in the birth process

  • have strong preferences yet soft expectations for their birthing experience

  • are actively seeking educational opportunities in their birth preparation

  • value collaborative/multidisciplinary care between medical and holistic practices

  • are utilizing midwifery care or—if high-risk—are working with a mindfully chosen OB or Doctor

  • are in the first and second trimesters, as this gives us ample time to connect, schedule appointments, gain clarity, and build effective support plans.

If you feel like a good candidate, I warmly invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Spots are limited.


I will be your witness and support every step of the way. 

Birth Package


  • 2-day Bhava Birth couples retreat ($450 value!)

  • 1 Prenatal Visit with you and your partner, in your home, to create your birth + postpartum preferences, review comfort measure techniques, and help you feel ready for birth

  • 1 Thai Yoga Session

  • 1 other Specialty Session of your choice (see options below)

  • On call beginning 2 weeks before your estimated due date

  • Direct access (via text) for questions, processing, emotional support, and encouragement

  • In-person labor support throughout duration of labor, and immediately (1-2 hours) after birth to assist with initial breastfeeding and postpartum transition

  • 1 Postpartum Visit in your home to process the birth, provide support, and offer resources

  • Birth Timeline and Labor Notes


Plus, bonus access to:

  • Lending library of books related to pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, yoga, etc.

  • Bhava Birth private Facebook Group 

  • Mindful Monday every 1st Monday of the month (in person in Orem or Zoom)

  • Positive Birth Circle every 2nd Monday of the month (in-person in Orem)

Postpartum Package


  • Direct access (through group text) upon contract signing for questions, processing, emotional support, and encouragement 

  • 1 Prenatal Visit to create your 6 week postpartum plan

  • 1 Specialty Session of your choice (see options below) per week for 6 weeks (which we will map out together at your prenatal visit)

  • Your choice of 8 nourishing Mom Meals prepared by Bella Luz Doula

  • A Postpartum Recovery Basket with handmade body care products by Maiden to Mother


Plus, access to:

  • Lending library of books related to pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, yoga, etc.

  • Bhava Birth private Facebook Group 

  • Mindful Monday every 1st Monday of the month (in person in Orem or Zoom)

Financial restraints? Talk to Stephanie about customizing a package, setting up a payment plan,

and in certain situations accepting trade or barter. 

Return client or single parent? Take 10% off no questions asked.

Specialty sessions:

Choose your specialty session:

  • Personal Mentoring (2 60-minute sessions) prenatal or postpartum

  • Thai Yoga (1 90-minute session) prenatal or postpartum

  • Private Yoga (2 60-minute sessions) prenatal or postpartum

  • Blessing Circle or Closing Ceremony (3 hour event)  prenatal or postpartum

  • Belly Binding (1 90-minute session) postpartum only

  • Natal Chart Reading for your baby (1 90-minute session) postpartum only

       Learn more here

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