A comprehensive childbirth education course for expectant couples that covers the following topics: 


-  Birth as a Gift, and a Healing Path

-  Fear-Clearing & Emotional Processing

-  Meditation & Mindfulness for Pain Management

-  Brainwaves & Consciousness during the Childbearing Year

-  Prenatal Nutrition & Ritual

-  Depression, Anxiety & Kundanlini - An Eastern Perspective

-  Creating a personalized Birth & Postpartum Map

-  Hands-On, Partner-Supported Labor Techniques

-  Labyrinth Art Project for meditation 

-  Stages of Labor & Alternative Outcomes

-  Optimal Upright Birthing Positions for any setting

-  Natural Remedies for Mom & Baby

-  Breastfeeding Information & Support

-  Personal Empowerment & Self-Discovery 


. . .and so much more!

Bhava Birth Education Course

  • This purchase includes:

    -  350 page Bound & Printed Manual, complete with beautiful graphics, charts, and photographs (mailed to your home)

    -  2 Laminated Labor Guides (mailed to your home)

    -  36 Mp3 tracks emailed directly to your inbox: Guided Meditations & Pranayama for the Childbearing Year

    -  One year's acess to over 20 hours of Streaming Online Instruction

    -  One year's access to 4 Trimester Specific Yoga Classes for in-home use

    -  Unlmited access to the Bhava Birth Circle Facebook Group, for building community and support with others that have taken the course, and direct interaction with the creator of Bhava Birth, Stephanie Sorensen.

    -  20% Discount on Stephanie's Virtual Doula Support Packages

  • This online course and the printed curriculum are non-refundable. Under extenuating circumstances, credit can be given to future in-person events or services upon the discretion of Bhava Birth providers on a case by case basis. 

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