Advanced Mindfulness Doula Training

Client support that honors mind-body connection

Are you a seasoned doula with years of experience, or just starting out?

Have you wished for more tools in supporting your clients from a mind + body perspective, not just mentally/informationally?

You've found your way here for a reason!


This training will not only enhance your doula practice but it has the potential to transform your life. Mindfulness is a mindset and process of self-awareness that can improve birth outcomes, increase maternal satisfaction, invite clarity and healing, and foster empowerment. Too often our clients are preparing for both in an "outcomes-based" way and defining their birth experience solely by those met ("My birth was a successful VBAC!" "I had an unmedicated water birth.") or unmet expectations ("I ended up with a c-section." "I had a failed hypnobirth.") We can continue to help our clients in their outcomes-based preferences while also teaching them how to foster a mindset of "accepting what is" without judgment, shame, self-blame, victimization, or trauma. This way of preparing for birth is both compassionate as well as transformative, allowing all birthing individuals to experience birth as a rite of passage regardless of outcomes—and not as a "pass or fail." Mindfulness is the single most powerful tool I have been able to share with my clients for improving birth outcomes and personal empowerment.


This advanced doula training covers:

  • How to help your clients prepare through mindset, emotions, and mind-body connection

  • The 3 Gates of Mindfulness: Body, Breath & Brain

  • Mindfulness scripts for prenatal, labor, and postpartum scenarios

  • Gentle movements that invite release and self-awareness


What are the prerequisites for the Bhava Birth Mindfulness Advanced Doula Training?

  • You must be a trained or certified Birth Doula (or other trained birth provider, such as midwife, nurse, IBCLC, etc.)

  • You are strongly encouraged to read the booklet (which can be picked up in Orem or mailed out) before the training


What is the cost, and what's included?


  • Total investment: $525

  • One full day of connection, nourishment, and interactive mindfulness practices

  • Delicious meals and healthy snacks

  • Bound + printed booklet

  • Online community support and continuous learning: Bhava Birth Mindfulness Doula FB group


You will leave this interactive training invigorated and confident, ready to introduce mindfulness concepts into your birth practice, with the added option of affiliating with Bhava Birth.


Are you ready for connection and insight? See you soon!


2022 Trainings


April 23rd

Bhava Birth / Orem, UT


October 29th

Bhava Birth / Orem, UT


Saturday 9 am - 7 pm

(meals + snacks included)