Why hire a doula?

  • You deserve continuous support—informational, emotional, physical and spiritual—during your pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum

  • You deserve an advocate who will remind you of your birth preferences and human rights

  • You deserve to be seen, respected, and upheld in your unique birthing situation, particularly BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals

  • You deserve clear communication with your staff to ensure you have the information you need to make informed choices.

  • You deserve continuous reassurance, perspective, suggestions for labor progress, help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques that nurses, OB's, and doctors simply don't have the capacity to provide

  • You deserve to be heard, validated, and applauded in your most vulnerable and intimate moments

  • You deserve support after the birth—help in your home, with your older children, with breastfeeding, nutrition, processing the birth experience, and more

A little bit about me...

I discovered my voice and my personal power through childbirth. Each of my four children were born at home in a birthing-tub with the assistance of a skilled midwife. Though I “made it through” the birth of my first child, it was an overwhelming and traumatic experience with a very lengthy recovery, working through over 10 months of postpartum depression. With each succeeding birth I sought out and discovered new techniques that transformed my feelings of trauma and overwhelm into feelings of peace and power.


We need each other as women and birthing individuals. Too often we try to muscle through major life transitions all on our own. Doulas help us return to "the village" way of life, where we rally around and uplift one another. 


I am committed to helping you achieve the birth of your dreams, no matter your birth preferences. I believe in the power of education, consent to touch, and making informed choices. My postpartum services are tailored to supporting your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. I mentor and guide you in your healing, parenthood transition, and personal awakening.

- Stephanie

In the current Covid-19 climate, hospitals are creating new policies that restrict the amount of visitors and support people from the birth room. These policies can change quickly and frequently with little or no notice. Please know that the organizations that govern hospitals typically stand on the side of doula support and not restricting laboring people’s access to doulas, however, hospitals have the right to make up their own policies surrounding what they feel is best for public health. You have the right to advocate for your doula to be present. Even so, it is possible that I will be restricted from the room despite all efforts to advocate for my presence.


If this is the case, you have the following options: Virtual Doula Support (including virtual labor support) or Virtual Prenatal and Postpartum Support (excluding virtual labor support). Reach out to Stephanie for more details

Important Info on Covid-19

Birth Doula

Birth Doula Services


Let's talk about a payment plan!

​- Prenatal support: FB group, texting, emails, phone calls, lending library

- In-Person Support during Labor & Delivery (with back up doula after 12 hrs!)

- 2 Prenatal Visits & 1 Postpartum Visit 

- An elegantly typed Birth Story (from my perspective & note keeping)

- Bhava Birth 4-CD Kit “Pranayama & Guided Meditations”

- 20% Discount on all Bhava Birth Services & Events (including PP Doula!)

Premeire Package


 a package with all the best!

- 6-Class Birth Educational Course or Weekend Retreat for couples

- Prenatal support: FB group, texting, emails, phone calls, lending library

- In-Person Support during Labor & Delivery (with back up doula after 12 hrs!)

- 2 Prenatal Visits & 1 Postpartum Visit

- 2 Mentoring Sessions OR 1 Specialty Session of choice

- Unlimited Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Classes for 6 months / Bodhi Yoga

- An elegantly typed Birth Story (from my perspective & note keeping)

- 20% Discount on all Bhava Birth Services & Events (including PP Doula!)


Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula

$189 per month


$850 for 6 Months


- Daily Postpartum Support: FB group, texting, resources

- Weekly Yoga Class (Tuesday nights 7-8:30)

- Monthly: 1 Specialty and 1 Mentoring Session of Choice

20% Discount on all Bhava Birth Services & Events

Private Sessions


Choose 2 Per Month

choose your favorites, or try them all!


- Thai Partner Yoga Session (90 mins)

- Postpartum Closing of the Bones Ceremony (90 mins)



- Birth story processing, pelvic floor & core, chakra alignment, postpartum plan, guided meditation, belly binding, etc. (60 mins)

How does a Doula Partnership work?

I have the privilege of partnering with the amazing Lindsay Dougal. Working in doula partnerships allows us to give our clients the best possible care, help us as providers to avoid fatigue, and make our profession more sustainable long-term. More than anything, YOU deserve to have a well-rested and energetic doula at your side at ALL times.

  • You will have the opportunity to meet and interview Lindsay before hiring me as your doula

  • After 12 hours of active labor, I call in Lindsay to replace me as your fresh, energized doula at your side. If labor is still in progress at 24 hours, I'll be back!

Stephanie Sorensen 


Lindsay Dougal


Let's get to know one another!

Client Testimonials

I am so grateful I invited Stephanie to be my doula. This was my third child, and I did not have a doula with my first two children. I was planning on going unmedicated, so it gave me great peace of mind to know someone would be there to support me through the pain. Stephanie was so positive and encouraging from the first conversation. She listened to my needs and saw them through 100%. She advocated for me at the hospital as well as checked on me later at home, so I knew she truly cared. I had a beautiful experience, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!


-Heather, 3x Mom

How do I accurately express my deep feelings and gratitude for Stephanie and all she did for me before, during and after birth? She is one of the most amazing humans I know. Her assistance, before and during labor were invaluable. However, her help postpartum was life altering. Meeting with her online and processing what happened during L&D helped my postpartum but even now helps me look back on it with such joy and gratitude. Stephanie has an incredible calm, joy, realness, knowledge and goodness about her. I trust her and am forever grateful for her!


-Sonya, 1x Mom

I truly believe that birth experience with Stephanie is pure God's blessing. I even can’t describe how valuable for me was collaboration with her, it touched all the levels of being : physical, mental and spiritual.

If I'd have a one more baby, I’d definitely ask Stephanie to be with me again, her help is an experience I will never forget.


NADYA, 2x Mom