Why hire a doula?

  • You deserve continuous support—informational, emotional, physical and spiritual—during your childbearing year

  • You deserve an advocate who will remind you of your birth preferences and ensure your rights are upheld

  • You deserve to be seen, respected, and celebrated in your unique birthing situation

  • You deserve clear communication with your staff to help you make informed choices.

  • You deserve continuous reassurance, perspective, suggestions for labor progress, help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques that nurses, OB's, and doctors simply don't have the capacity to provide

  • You deserve to be heard, validated, and applauded in your most vulnerable and intimate moments

What sets us apart?

  • We are both certified yoga teachers, trained in mindfulness and meditation, who bring a sense of peace & calm into the birthing room

  • We consider sovereignty and bodily autonomy to be of paramount importance

  • We are trauma-informed providers with effective tools for navigating childbirth after trauma

  • We are full spectrum doulas who support every kind of birth. If we're not a perfect match, we want to help you find someone that is!

  • We are committed to helping you achieve the birth of your dreams, no matter your birth preferences. 

  • Our packages are OVERFLOWING with value, including the Bhava Birth couple's retreat, private therapeutic sessions, streaming yoga classes, access to lending library, and so much more

Eager to learn more?

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