What's Included?

2 Day Couples Retreat

Highly interactive, delicious meals, and everything you need to feel inspired.

Up to 6 Follow-Up Zoom Classes

The learning continues long after the retreat in order to integrate all of your curriculum.

Online Retreat Option

For those far away or looking for a home-based option, consider the online retreat!

300+ Page Illustrated Manual

We cover all the childbirth basics PLUS all the things you didn't know you didn't know

Laminated Labor Guides

A visual guide for laboring positions and hands-on support that fits into any birth bag!

Client Portal Access

Stream yoga classes, guided meditations, breath practices, yoga chants, and birth provider interviews!

What does "bhava" mean?







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This course takes its name from the Sanskrit word BHAVA, which means "becoming," and if spelled BHAVAH can also mean "to give birth." Buddhists define it as the growth we experience between each cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


Bhava is the GROWTH we experience in BIRTH


How you feel about your birthing experience matters and sets a tone for the rest of your life. Healthy babies are not enough—at Bhava Birth, we value healthy, thriving, and empowered birthers, too. Like a caterpillar in its chrysalis that emerges a butterfly, childbirth is an opportunity to discover your wings.


birthing is BECOMING the best version of YOU

Is Bhava Birth a perfect fit?

This course is for you if one or more of the following apply:

I value collaborative care

I value holistic practices and modern medicine. I see how both models of care play a critical role in my birthing experiences. I am eager to find my ideal birth team that supports my vision and will advocate for my preferences. 

Because of traumatic birth (and/or life) experiences, I am dealing with triggers, worries, and fears that are interfering with my ability to relax and feel ready to give birth. I'm worried about being triggered during labor or crashing again postpartum.

I want to be in the driver's seat of my life and my birthing experiences. I don't want to feel "checked out" anymore. I sense that birth has the potential to help me be more fully present and personally empowered but I don't quite know how to get there on my own.

I don't know how to balance my desire for a perfect birth with reality. I don't want to feel like a failure again if I don't get the birth experience I expected. Is there a way that I can love my birth and trust that I did my best no matter the outcomes?

I'm navigating past trauma

I'm learning to use my voice

I want to love my birth

Is this a "natural birth" course?


Bhava Birth endorses the truth that beautiful, sacred, and empowered birth happens in every setting with every kind of intervention. Whether you're choosing a home birth, unmedicated hospital birth, an epidural supported birth, or planning for a medically necessary cesarean, we are committed to helping you navigate and create an empowering birth experience.

At Bhava Birth, we don't define birth by a method our outcome. Instead, we see that the journey matters as much as the destinationIt's important to passionately advocate for your birth preferences while also trusting the natural unfolding of your unique birth.

You can't control birth, only your response to it 

What can Meditation & Mindfulness do for me?

Mindfulness enables us to more fully experience birth (and life) without judgement, failed expectations, or suffering. It teaches us to be curious, open-minded, and prepared for the unexpected. It doesn't necessarily make birth easy or guarantee specific birth outcomes, but it can shift our interpretations and perceptions, allowing us to cope rather than suffer through full presence of mind.


Meditation is powerful complementary medicine, providing effective coping and processing tools for birthers experiencing anesthesia, cesarean, or other medical interventions. Meditation is equally effective when used AS medicine when no other form of pain control is used. More specifically, meditation:

- floods your body with helpful hormones such as serotonin, melatonin, DHEA and endorphins, all of which promote well-being, relaxation, longevity and vibrant health. 

- soothes the brain patterns underlying pain. Over time, those changes take root and alter the structure of the brain itself, allowing you to no longer feel the pain of childbirth with the same intensity. Clinical trials have shown meditation to reduce pain by 57%, and up to 90% for more accomplished meditators. 

- takes you into a place ABOVE your thoughts. Different from hypnosis, which drops you below your conscious thought and puts you into a state of suggestibility, meditation gives you power OVER your thoughts, helping you to achieve your highest level of consciousness and present-moment awareness. This means you don't have to "check out," feel "far away," or numb yourself in order to cope, but rather transcend pain by being completely present with it.


How do I enroll?

Review the schedule below and hit the "enroll now" button!

For those not local to Utah, or who are not able to attend in

person for any reason, we invite you to learn more about the

home-study/online course option.

2022 In-Person Retreat Schedule

February 25th-26th

May 6th-7th

July 29th-30th

(registration open)

September 2nd-3rd

November 4th-5th

$425 per couple

Friday 4 pm - 8:30 pm (dinner + dessert included)

Saturday 9 am - 4:30 pm (breakfast, lunch + snacks included)

- Lodging can be arranged at an additional fee

- Payment plans available

-Retreats held in Orem, Utah

Online Course:

$275 per couple

Includes ALL of the Bhava Birth curriculum

Online streaming content from your own device

Course manual mailed to your home upon enrollment

(No in-person retreat)

What's holding you back?

I'm not sure if this course will work or help me achieve my ideal birth

Your concern is a valid one. All of us wish we could guarantee specific birth outcomes. Perhaps you even experienced extreme let down when you didn't get the birth of your dreams. That's so hard. The fact that we can't control or guarantee outcomes is the very thing that makes birth wild and holy. Instead of preparing for perfection, Bhava Birth helps you prepare for the beautiful messiness of unscripted, uncharted, unpredictable birth. We acknowledge that the one thing you CAN control is your mindset. Come learn how. 

Check out testimonials from others that have walked this path:

I'm not sure we can afford it.

You're not alone. If money is the only thing preventing you from embarking on this journey, please reach out. We don't want personal finances holding you back from taking the next step. Tell us about yourself and your unique circumstances.  We are always willing to personalize a payment plan, and you can also inquire about our scholarship program for single parents and other individuals facing financial restraints  You can also check out our prenatal resources, as well, where there is something for every budget. Don't leave empty handed!


Feel free to email us your questions and concerns. Don't put it off!

My partner isn't on board.

We get it. We know that partners can feel "dragged along" to "boring birth classes." But we also know that birth changes everyonenot just the one giving birth. We feel that partners undergo their very own transformation—and society is not modeling for them what it looks like or how to prepare for it. We specifically design the retreat with both parties in mind eager for the whole family unit to feel uplifted and prepared. And by the end of our retreat, guess who often sings our praises the loudest? Partners. We hope we get the chance to dazzle your partner.


Be sure to check out these testimonials from birthers and partners alike:

How do I enroll?