The Bhava Birth Education Course

A comprehensive Childbirth Education Course for expectant couples that

covers the following topics: 


-  Birth as a metamorphosis / BECOMING

-  Fear-Clearing & Emotional Processing

-  Evidence-Based Research

-  Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques

-  Prenatal Nutrition & Ritual

-  Birth & Kundalini - An Eastern Perspective

-  Creating personalized Birth & Postpartum Maps

-  Hands-On, Partner-Supported Labor Techniques

-  Labyrinth Art Project for meditation 

-  Stages of Labor & Alternative Outcomes

-  Optimal Birthing Positions for any setting

-  Natural Remedies for Mom & Baby

-  Breastfeeding Information & Support

-  Personal Empowerment & Self-Discovery 


. . .and so much more!





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Meditation during childbirth doesn’t guarantee birth outcomes, but it does shape and guide your response to those outcomes. It will bring about a deeper sense of connection with yourself, your baby, and your Higher Source by yoking your energetic and physical bodies to work as one whole. It will foster an ability to trust the process, to go with the flow, and to let go of all sense of control. Meditation is powerful complementary medicine, providing effective coping and processing tools for women experiencing anesthesia, cesarean, or other medical interventions. Meditation is equally effective when used AS medicine when no other form of pain control is used. More specifically, meditation:

Why Meditation?

  • floods your body with helpful hormones such as serotonin, melatonin, DHEA and endorphins, all of which promote well-being, relaxation, longevity and vibrant health. 

  • soothes the brain patterns underlying pain. Over time, those changes take root and alter the structure of the brain itself, allowing you to no longer feel the pain of childbirth with the same intensity. Clinical trials have shown meditation to reduce pain by 57%, and up to 90% for more accomplished meditators. 

  • is an opportunity for women to develop self-mastery, to take ownership of their bodies and their birth experience without having to outsource to anyone else, or to look to someone else to “save them” from themselves.


  • takes you into a place ABOVE your thoughts. Different from hypnosis, which drops you below your conscious thought and puts you into a state of suggestibility, meditation gives you power OVER your thoughts, helping you to achieve your highest level of consciousness, true personal power, and present-moment awareness. This means you don't have to "check out," feel "far away," or numb yourself in order to cope, but rather transcend pain by being completely present with it.

Regardless of your personal choices and however you end up giving birth, be it vaginally, by cesarean, in the water, or with an epidural—all women can benefit from a meditation practice. If practiced regularly, meditation will truly foster BHAVA—becoming the very best version of you.

What's Included?

Participants receive 350+ page manual, laminated labor guides, and the 4-CD Collection: Guided Meditations & Pranayama for the Childbearing Year.*You also get unlimited viewing access to four streaming yoga classes tailored to each trimester. *This 4-CD Collection is available for sale separately for $45. Email to order yours today


Couples will make their very own labyrinth art piece for personal meditation use during labor. They will also complete their own birth and postpartum maps. 


This course is offered as a weekend retreat or 6 weekly classes held in Orem, Utah. To schedule a retreat in your area, contact Stephanie. Be sure to inquire about our scholarships for single parents. 

2020 Schedule

January 24th-25th

Weekend Retreat

February 6th-March 12th

6 Week Course / Thursdays 7-9:30 pm

February 28th-29th

Weekend Retreat

May 1st-2nd

Weekend Retreat

Aspenwood Manor / Provo

May 29th-30th

Weekend Retreat

August 14th-15th

Weekend Retreat

October 16th-17th

Weekend Retreat

-Cost is $349 per couple, all materials included

- payment plans available for all retreats

-all classes & retreats (unless indicated) held in Bsmt Community Room of Sound Corrections Chiropractic Building in Orem, Utah

This course will be available ONLINE soon!

Be sure to check back in for more details!

What parents are saying about the Bhava Birth Course:

Courtney, Mother of 2

This course has fulfilled all I hoped to take away from it. I wanted to fill myself with knowledge and understanding and personal strength--mentally, emotionally and physically--in preparation for the amazing work of labor and I feel more ready. I have tools and materials to come back to in order to prepare even more in the coming weeks. It is evident that Stephanie has put her heart and soul and mind into this course; she is a knowledgeable advocate for this special journey, and I'm so grateful for her sharing the culmination of her research and experience so fully.

This course blew me away...I am on my third birth and have studied how to have a natural birth with each one, but have never felt so well-equipped as I do now. Stephanie is compassionate, well-informed, and above all helps convey how to own your birth experience, regardless of how the birth of your child is achieved. I feel like this course helped me process the difficulties of my past two births, which was completely necessary for my next. I highly recommend this beautiful experience to everyone.

I would definitely recommend this class to others! I feel I learned so much, especially ways of supporting my wife. I have also always wanted a course on meditation, so this was appreciated. It's not only a course for the moms, but there's so much for the dad, as well---things to learn that are useful in all aspects of life, not only in childbirth. Super fun!

We really enjoyed the atmosphere of openess. We were able to sit and talk about the things that mattered most about having our child. We discussed what we really wanted and how we're going to be able to accomplish it. The class was informative and interactive. I even enjoyed the art portion. I would recommend the weekend retreat to anyone.

Montana, Mother of 3

Steven, Father of 3

I really enjoyed this course because it allowed my partner and I to explore and learn valuable mental and physical techniques to help us during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Stephanie is very knowledgeable and she provides enlightening information from Eastern and Western practices, so that we as a couple can choose the things that are best for our family.

For me, I was extremely impressed with Stephanie as an instructor. I appreciate her non-dogmatic very objective approach. As a scientist/medical professional I appreciate the amount of research she did, and that she was not forceful in ideologies, but provided many perspectives and approaches. She was informative, but also acknowledged that she didn't know everything and would research more on given subjects. I learned many things to hep me and my wife to prepare for this journey together. It was a great experience that was well worth it. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Brandon, Father of 1

Justin, Father of 1

Stephanie, Mother of 1

This course is great for all people, especially those who want to learn how to be mindful throughout the entire birth, pregnancy and postpartum aspects. Great course, I learned so much and feel empowered for the rest of the journey.

Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge about birth from a physical, emotional, spiritual, and philosophical level. Her insight, and practical skills will leave you feeling empwered and prepared for a beautiful birth experience.

The couples retreat and Bodhi Birth [its previous name] course was exactly what I needed to educate myself and my husband on ways to prepare for the childbirth journey. Stephanie is very knowledgeable and her presence brings a sense of encouragement and energy.

Tyler, Father of 2

Kelsey, Mother of 2

Sherri, Mother of 5

I felt like the course helped me understand the birthing process from a clearer perspective. I felt like it gave me actionable tools to be a more supportive partner leading up to, during, and after the birth. The tools can also be applied to every day life!

I didn’t know much about this course and was actually frustrated that my wife scheduled us to spend our only open Saturday before our baby is born int his class, but I am glad we came! My wife needed this time for us to focus on such a large and wonderful life event and I haven’t had much time to do so. I was also surprised and impressed at how much I learned, particularly the insight I gained by looking at things from a non-western traditional point of view. Generally, I feel much more prepared to support my wife and enjoy and fully participate in our upcoming birth experience.

This course is so comprehensive and needed in our culture. There are enormous amounts about preparing mentally for the physical aspects of birth, but so few that prepare women for the emotional/spiritual transformation that takes place. This course promotes perspectives and practices that aide women not only through pregnancy, labor, and birth, but set a tone for owning her empowerment throughout her life. So necessary for the modern woman!

Braden, Father of 6

Josh, Father of 5

Carly, Mother of 6

Mentally, I feel a sense of calmness to organize my thoughts and needs, like I was given language to articulate them. Emotionally, I feel peace. Physically, I learned great birthing positions and good food choices. The take-home material helped calm the need to write everything down or to remember it all. I’m so grateful for different perspectives from all over the world, both holistic and Western. 

This course has empowered me to walk this journey confident, aware, and at peace with the journey ahead. Knowledge is power and that’s exactly what this course did for me!

Kamille, Mother of 1

This course was a great opportunity for my husband and I to talk openly about topics we had not considered before in preparing fo you labor and delivery experience. We were able to see more clearly each others perspectives and come to a place of mutual understanding and solidarity. I gained more confidence in his ability and willingness to be my support. I never would have guessed that the labyrinth art would be so therapeutic and fun, especially because I am NOT an artist. Stephanie has such a peaceful, calming presence and really helped us feel open and accepted, whatever our thoughts or beliefs. Her own confidence in the birthing process was inspiring and she is so knowledgeable. By the end, my lingering worries evaporated and I have confidence that, whatever the outcome, my birth experience will be beautiful and special to both of us. 

Sonya, Mother of 1

Brenda, Mother of 2

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